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ATS Standards
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Majestic, loyal, noble, alert and dedicated.

Females 24� � 27� Males 27� � 33�

Females 85 � 100 lbs. Males 100- 140 lbs.

Black Steel Grey Black with Tan Markings
Black & Tan Sable Silver with White Markings
Black & Silver Black Brindle Black with Cream Markings
White Brown Brindle Black with Silver Markings

Scissor Bite preferred. Level bite accepted. �� to 1 �� canines.

Well defined, very prominent, strong, and powerful. Large massive in
proper proportion to body with or without defined stop.

Black, well developed, large nostrils.

Black, yellow, orange, brown or hazel.

Large, erect, slightly angled out or upward.

Strong and well developed, extending to elbows or slightly below.

Short, intermediate and long accepted. Longhaired dogs, outer coat not
to exceed 4 inches.

Strong, large, well developed. Front and back legs equal in size.

Long and angulated (Built for strength and surefootedness).

Strong powerful movement, long-reach, smooth and well balanced.

Down, bushy, slightly bent like a saber. Extended to the hock and
beyond but not touching the ground. Not developing a complete curl
over the back.

The back is strong and well developed, level and longer than the dog is
tall, supported by powerful hips and thighs. The croup is slightly
sloped to the tail.


  1. Temperament: Submissive dogs in the first degree are not considered to have stable temperament, therefore breeding is discouraged with this type of breeding dog behavior.
  2. Overshot Jaw: The dog is overshot when the lower teeth set considerably further back in the mouth and the top jaw is noticeably extended forward beyond the bottom jaw.
  3. Undershot Jaw: The dog�s bottom jaw, including teeth, are extended, noticeably beyond the front of the upper jaw.
  4. Teeth: Dogs should develop 39 teeth out of a possible 42 that completes the breed standard.
  5. Coat Color: 12 colors by Global Kennel Club�s ATS standard. Solid back should not bear a patch of white anywhere on his body except the chest and no more than a small patch of white shall be considered not to exceed � inches by 1 inch.
  6. Monochild: Only one testicle descended. Some dogs mature slowly. Second testicle may descend up to one year later.


  1. Coat Color: White dogs with albino traits (pink nose, pink eyes). Loss of color or dullness in coat.
  2. Tail: Tail too short (above hock), or (too long touching ground). Rope appearance, or ringtail.
  3. Head: Apple shaped, too small or out of proportion to body. Ear bent, folded drooping or flop eared or leaning toward center of head.
  4. Legs: Broken pastern, cow hocked, bow hocked, scissoring gait, throwing feet out or elbows in.
  5. Feet: Cat foot (short, compact and round,) Splayfoot (toes appear to be spread far apart.)
  6. Body: Too short in length. Loin excessively long or extremely short.
  7. Teeth: Discolored, two or less missing teeth.
  8. Back: Roach back, swayback or too narrow.
  9. Croup: Severe drop from hips to base of tail.
ATS Foundation