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About the foundation

Past Present and Planned Activities

The purpose of the American Tundra Shepherd Foundation is to provide a secession plan for the continuation of the life work and legacy of Frank Catania, the founder of the American Tundra Shepherd.

It is with deep sadness within the American Tundra Shepherd community that Frank passed away on December 3, 2008. Since his passing, added focus and attention has been given to developing a foundation that will continue his legacy and service to mankind and our four legged friends. The American Tundra Shepherd Foundation was created to support this need.

Frank devoted his life to animals, particularly dogs. While serving his country in the Vietnam War, Frank became a Chief Army Instructor and Veterinary Technician. He was awarded a Bronze Star by the United States Army for his accomplishments in the development of new K-9 training methods. He was the co-author of FM 20-20, Department of the Army Field Manual entitled Military Dog Training and Employment dated May 1967.

After leaving the military Frank started Midwest Training in Edwardsville, Kansas. Over the past 40 years he trained people to become professionals in all aspects of the canine world from dog handlers and dog trainers, to show judges, breed wardens, agitators and canine breeders. He founded a new and unique breed of dog called the American Tundra Shepherd. This was a project he became involved with while in the military and it became his life’s work and passion.

In the past, his kennel worked to train, rescue and register dogs. He served the community by teaching his methods to others and at one time had a dog training school that was recognized by the Kansas Department of Education. The functions of his organization have included training dogs for the handicap, search and rescue, military and police work, as well as the general public.

His service in the community has included working as the Vice President and State Agent of the Kansas Federation of Humane Societies, Director of Edwardsville Animal Control, Director of the First Canine Explorer Post in the US for the Boy Scouts of America, as well as being recognized as a court pet expert witness. The list of his accomplishments goes on and on,

Frank accomplished more that most during his lifetime. It would surprise and astound most people if they realized that Frank accomplished most of his life’s work while being a quadriplegic. He was thrown from a horse in the summer of 1973 and broke his neck. Since then he was confined to a wheel chair.

Our goals for the present and future are to continue his life’s work. Key to this is education and training. One of our primarily goals is to make sure that his unique and rare breed, the American Tundra Shepherd, will continue to be bred and trained for work with the handicapped, military, police, search and rescue as well as providing a lovable and protective dog for the general public.

With our foundation we will accomplish our goals through continued breeding and development of the ATS dogs. We plan to have schools and training sessions for dog trainers, handlers, and the general public including classes for puppies and teaching obedience (both basic and advanced) and as well as pre-protection.

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