American Tundra Shepherd Foundation
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The American Tundra Shepherd Foundation is a 501©(3) not for profit charity. The Foundation’s goal is the continuance of the American Tundra Shepherd breed, to be accomplished through:
  • Ongoing and tightly controlled breeding of this magnificent dog
  • Education of the public about the breed and its superior characteristics
  • Training through schools and sessions for dog trainers, handlers and the general public, so that the American Tundra Shepherd may continue to be in service to the handicapped, the military and police, search and rescue teams and other groups …as well as individuals and families desiring a loving, protective and highly trained pet.
  • Continuance of the work and legacy of Frank Catania, founder of the ATS breed.

All these efforts require funding to continue, and all contributions will be gratefully received. Please consider making a donation today to the future of the American Tundra Shepherd!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 February 2013 21:33
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July 31st 1942 - December 3rd 2008
ATS Foundation